Flotsam and Jetsam

Painting by Narani Henson.

The Northern River Community Gallery in Cherry Street, Ballina is a great space where I had the honour of exhibiting with Mirra-Winni and the Wetlands celebrations at NRCG Exhitibition Feb 2015.

I have been exploring the World wide environmental issue of marine plastic in an intimate way by collecting plastics from local beaches and highlighting specific pieces that appeal to me aesthetically.

I use a needle and thread to connect the viewer to the idea of mending or an issue that needs to be repaired. By isolating individual pieces of marine plastic I feel it helps identify their original purpose or function and educates people to what is floating around in the sea, which makes the experience more personal. 

My oil paintings and sea bird works are statement pieces that simultaneously conjure up the beauty of the ocean while highlighting its vulnerability. Where ‘Pockets Of Marine Plastic’ plays with the idea of how small individual actions can collectively make a difference in the protection of our precious Seas. 

Our global environment is facing significant risks from pollution that has been created through over-consumption and thoughtless waste disposal. I am working on the process of recycling marine plastic by transforming it into something else.



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